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Observed: 7th April 2013 By: IWoodwardIWoodward’s reputation in PlantsIWoodward’s reputation in PlantsIWoodward’s reputation in PlantsIWoodward’s reputation in Plants
HP Lake unknown 2013-04-07 (2)
HP Lake unknown 2013-04-07 (4)

Habitat: In woodland on bank of small river

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Help please

I saw the leaves last year and returned last week expecting to see Colt's-foot flowers. Instead the leaves were still present alongside a single unopened Colt's-foot type flower.

I'm stumped. It still seems likely to be Colt's-foot or one or a closely related species like Butterbur, but don't all of these flower well before the leaves appear?


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Quick off the mark

Thanks Tim,

Very quick ID while I was still writing my initial comment!

Glad someone else thinks it looks like colt's-foot - I'm just a bit surprised the leaves are out already!