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Deleting duplicate comments

I recently accidentally posted 2 draft comments in addtion to my final comment.
I left a note asking if anyone in admin could delete them for me. I guess no-one has seen it, so I am posting it here.

The observation on which I commented too often is Sea Nursery by dejayM on 3rd April 2013.

Is it possible to remove spurious comments which we have made, or are they there in perpetuity?
Jo Corke



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Yes please...

Jo is not the only one - there are quite a number occurring. Me too.
The problem, generally, is that computers or the Internet or maybe iSpot are slow to respond. This means that sometimes even after a Refresh, comments are not always displayed.
Whilst duplicates are usually created by impatience they are always in error.
So, I'm with Jo. Make it so we can remove DUPLICATE Comments and (perhaps) duplicate Postings. Make it impossible to remove originals because the (evidence) trail might be vital and always interesting to follow.
I know, from experience, that Admin DOES get 'round to removing duplicates but I BET it is onerous! Bless them!

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Yes, bless them

Jo..I marked your Duplicates as Inappropriate (a cruel thing to do!)
well, it worked, they've gone.
I guess it's the ONE thing that Admin do keep a close eye on. But they must be frantic most of the time.
As I said - Blass them.

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Not cruel at all - they were inapproriately added, and I am glad everthing is now sorted out. So, we can tag as 'inapprpriate', and they are checked and removed. Excellent outcome dj,