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Observed: 23rd June 2009 By: WildpadWildpad’s reputation in InvertebratesWildpad’s reputation in InvertebratesWildpad’s reputation in Invertebrates
Mirid / capsid ?
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Capsid possibly Calocoris norwegicus

Hi Wildpad,
Yes, your bug does indeed belong to the Miridae. I'm not entirely confident because of the angle, but there's a good chance it is Calocoris norwegicus. The 'proboscis' (which students of bugs call the rostrum) is a piercing organ. Probably the majority use it to pierce plant tissues and drink the sap, but many use it to pierce other insects (e.g. corixids and water-boatman, which look very different, but are still Heteroptera). Very occasionally one will bite a human sometimes in defense or by mistake - some water bugs are well-know for this, as of course is the bed-bug - but I've also had a bite (that oozed blood) by the tiny Cyllecoris histrionius.

Richard Dickson

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Thank you so much for all that interesting info! Really good!