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One of the Bumble Bees

Observed: 16th May 2010 By: dw5448
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Three views of the same bee feeding on fumitory on scrubby ground near the coast. Definitely a bumble bee, but might not be the most familiar one.

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Would a queen just be out foraging?

I assumed that this couldn't be a queen out doing routine work, and I think I have seen similar bees about (but will have to admit not looking so closely).

Thanks for the feedback - am trying IDs from a book with photographs and have decided its not the best thing as all variants within a species are not covered.

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I believe the queens do continue to leave the nest and forage for a short while after the first workers have been reared, before 'retiring' to the nest to concentrate on egg-laying.

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