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Leaf Miner on Bramble

Observed: 25th March 2013 By: annamariaannamaria’s reputation in Invertebratesannamaria’s reputation in Invertebratesannamaria’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Stigmella aurella/splendidissimella mine

Whilst RHoman's remarks above are indisputable, I'd argue that 1. S. aurella is very much the more common, 2. this mine looks too fresh to have been there since last autumn, 3. although mine-forms do overlap, the mine of S. splendidissimella is far more usually long, with straight sections, and a narrow continuous frass line, and yours is pretty much at the opposite extreme.
None of my records of S.splenidissimella come from evergreen bramble in gardens, though I'd have to admit this may very well be 'observer bias'. I would routinely have recorded mines such as yours as S. aurella.

Richard Dickson