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Bee and pollen

Observed: 7th April 2013 By: WS159
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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It was very small

It(and have the look of a honey bee - apart from the size. I'd say significantly smaller than

Are the hairy eyes and wing pattern distinguishing features ?

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Size is not everything!

These are all part of many clues! Wing venation can identify some bees to genus. In the case of Honey Bee Apis the very long cell that runs along the front edge of the wing towards the wing tip is unique. With regard to hairy eyes, only Apis and half a dozen species of Coelioxys (bees of unmistakable appearence) have these. Flattened hind tibia for pollen collection is also a clue, but this found in bumblebees too.

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ID from wing cell shape is a useful pointer thank you. Didn't know about the eyes either.

Tibia not really on show today - all the ones I saw were carrying masses of pollen.