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Observed: 2nd April 2013 By: bradscottukbradscottuk’s reputation in Mammalsbradscottuk’s reputation in Mammals

Is it usual for them to be out in daytime?

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It is unusual for them to be out in broad daylight, but in quiet undisturbed areas you can expect them to emerge from their setts well before sunset during the long days of summer, and even to go off foraging well before darkness. Their activity will also be governed by hunger; and when the ground is hard and dry (as now) they will find their preferred earthworms difficult to access, and will be forced to spend longer searching for food.

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It was about 4.30, and only a hundred yards from the main (busy) track through the dale. The snow must have caused them a problem too, though that had pretty much cleared on this side of the valley at least.