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Unidentified Sea Slug

Observed: 27th March 2013 By: ABKABK’s reputation in InvertebratesABK’s reputation in InvertebratesABK’s reputation in InvertebratesABK’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Battle of icons

Graham (Andy, ABK) - if you come, read some of this first http://www.ispotnature.org/projects/manx-observations
Here I have tried to bring the Observation INTO the IoMs new community. I have failed because you, Graham, have a higher rating than me,. so the new ID has not become Likely. It needs your agreement to trigger it. I am pretty certain it is what we say though we might expect a few more warts. Either way, I'd like to see this post IN the UK&I Community.

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Change from might be...

Hi Dj,

Are you saying that the might be won't trigger and this has to be likely to trigger. Then putting might be is not very helpful then???


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Shifting Communities

No Graham. This is ALL about shifting the post into its correct Community - again see http://www.ispotnature.org/projects/manx-observations.
If YOU add an agreement to my ID, you will see the Post leap into life. Suddenly my ID will become likely and all the other Sea Lemons will populate Other Observations (there are none just now because Likely is with Global ID (yours). I do agree with your but if I add an agreement is will never get out of Global ID rut.

Yes, it's very helpful to the Poster to add 'might be this'. It has never been the case, as far as I can research, that 'it might be this' or "..cannot be certain.." have affected likelihood - your Icon score does that.
But I know at least one Database Compiler (Submits to NBN) who will not accept either of those for a confirmed record until an Expert adds an agreement.
Please add an agreement to mine to see IF it does happen. You can remove it afterwards if you don't agree ...