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Observed: 6th April 2013 By: gramandy
Kent Wildlife TrustThanet Coast ProjectWildwood Trust
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What are we looking at? There are 70+ of 1, 50+ of another and 20+ of the third. They shouldn't be here now and should be back in the arctic regions (well 2 of them). Cold conditions have obviously affected their departure, usually gone by mid March from here. Will post these separately.

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At Least Three!

Redshank, Turnstone and Sanderlings for sure.

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There is at least one good candidate for a Dunlin as well - but I wouldn't want to state money on it!

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Missed the Dunlin.

Pretty good collection, I must say.


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Regarding the 'observation details'...

None of these species should be back in 'Arctic regions' by now, the earliest waders would only just about be starting to arrive in breeding areas in the Arctic by now, even in a 'warmer' year, and almost all species won't arrive in any number until May.