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Unknown fish

Observed: 10th October 2009 By: Sarah Perkins
unknown fish

Caught by a fisherman in Tonga


No identification made yet.

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Hi Sarah,Thia looks like one

Hi Sarah,

This looks like one of the Caranx species, ie the Trevally and Jacks. There seems to be a variety of species of Caranx in the Pacific Ocean and they look similar to each other (to the unfamiliar eye like mine).

Do you have a profile shot of the fish?

In addition, there appears to be Pseudocaranx species also, eg Silver Trevally (Pseudocaranx dentex).


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Hi Cathal This is the best

Hi Cathal

This is the best pic I have I'm afraid. I thought it might be some form of Trevally. It had a really long and very thin caudal fin. Or at least what looked to be a caudal fin.

Thanks for your help.