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Dead porpoise

Observed: 6th April 2013 By: bobthebirderbobthebirder’s reputation in Mammalsbobthebirder’s reputation in Mammalsbobthebirder’s reputation in Mammals

freshly washed up and about to be removed by council

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....a sad sight. This is the only way we see them here on the NE Kent coast. Looks in pretty good condition, be interesting to know why the stranding. You might want to alert the Seawatch Foundation who keep records of these strandings.

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Thanks Gramandy, I've taken your advice and submitted it via their web site. There is a very odd-shaped wound near the tail, I wonder if anyone can make anything of it? I would normally suspect fishermen using nets to be the cause of such a seemingly healthy specimen being washed up, but I can see no wounds around the fins, apart from the usual abrasions caused by the beach.

Bob Ford

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Apparently the Seawatch Foundation are only interested in live sightings. Odd, seeing as records like this are often the only indication that a species is present and also serve to shed some light on causes of mortality.

Bob Ford

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Very odd that SWF doesn't record dead animals - with mammals being such an elusive group, sad though road kills, strandings etc. are they are often a significant source of records.
CSIP - the UK Cetacean Strandings Investigation Programme - will def be interested. Just Google them.
Hope that helps.

Gill Sinclair
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that is...

...really interesting as all the strandings that I have offered they have accepted. Try contacting

Danielle Gibas [] as I'm sure she will take these sightings.

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sea watch foundation

They do have a page on their web site listing the people to contact in the event of a stranding, but of course this was not a stranding as such, as the animal was already dead.

Bob Ford