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Unidentified 1st Winter Gull

Observed: 28th March 2013 By: Bird Boy SamBird Boy Sam’s reputation in BirdsBird Boy Sam’s reputation in BirdsBird Boy Sam’s reputation in Birds

Seen with a group of Black-Headed Gulls outside the RSPB Balranald Visitors centre. Not sure what species of gull it is. A Kumlins Gull was sighted about 5 Miles away on the same day and Glaucous and Iceland gulls are occasionally sighted or it could be a Herring Gull but it was a bit strange that it was with the Black-Headed Gulls and not the Herring Gulls.

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Glaucous, Iceland and Kumlein's Gulls would not show the very dark primary wing feathers of this bird. They all have very pale brown to white primary feathers.

This site is useful for getting a feel for the plumages...

Gulls are surprisingly difficult to sort out, so don't worry if it takes a while!


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