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A rare fern (added via Android)

Observed: 1st April 2013 By: mattprince1969mattprince1969’s reputation in Plantsmattprince1969’s reputation in Plants
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growing in profusion on a shaded tree alongside a Dartmoor river

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lol.. polypody is neither

lol.. polypody is neither rare nor in profusion in this photo ;)

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There's a polypody in the picture

..but thats not what I was posting..

Look a little harder.. especially top right.

May not be identifiable from this photo, but you should be able to guess what it is...

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There is a filmy fern lurking in the background. It might have been wise to mention that that was the subject of the observation rather than the large and eye-catching Polypody! Statements about rareness and profusion don't usually apply to individual photos.


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its not really lurking in the

its not really lurking in the background, it *is* the background. The pixels in this picture are 40% one polypody, 50% huge swathe of tunbridge filmy fern. 10% moss and leaves.

Apologies..the idea was to illustrate how some things are easily overlooked.