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Duplicate Revisions

Would it be possible to add a check when saving a new revision to make sure it has not already been added? I've noticed a few times where two people have added the same revision independently (i.e., two people open the same page with the same revisions showing, both type in an identical new revision and hit Save.) You can work out what has happened as they are usually just a minute or two apart, but at first glance it looks as if someone has added a revision to the same species.

There are a couple of options.
* Check whether the particular species has already been suggested.
* Or, check whether any revisions at all have been made since the user loaded the page.

Ideally, I'd prefer the latter, as it allows the user to reconsider in the light of any new revisions. The page could then reload with the new revision(s) showing and the user's new revision unsaved and still in edit mode so they can decide whether they still want to add it, but won't have to type it in again.



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A good example here, triplicate revisions!


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Sorry if I'm banging on about

Sorry if I'm banging on about this, but can I raise it again? :-)

Double and triple IDs are happening regularly at peak times. It's a good sign that there are more users able to give correct IDs, but as the site grows further it will only become more of a problem.


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we'll look into this

Hi David,

We're currently working on various improvements to the site but we'll look at your suggestion in time and decide how best to manage these duplicates.


Richard G - iSpot technical team

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Thanks for your response Richard. Now I know the issue will at least be looked at I think I can let it lie! :-)


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Multiple revisions

Occasionally you will get duplicate revisions when 2 people post identical IDs at the same time, as had just happened to me.

However, I think a fair number of the duplicate revisions are coming from users who don't quite understand how the ID/I Agree system is designed to work.

On a number of occasions I have seen an observation up from "User X" posted without any sort of ID. The sighting gets ID'd and agreed with, then the original poster comes back and posts a second ID under his name of the ID, thus giving a duplicate. I think there may be some confusion here connected with getting a "reputation".

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Yes, I've seen some of those

Yes, I've seen some of those too, generally from new users I think.

Getting the system to check for duplicates could prevent both types. The 'error' message could mention both issues, or one or the other based on how close the revision timings were.


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Duplicates check - a good idea

I just posted identifications for two unidentified observations (a fungus and a caterpillar), and in both cases this generated a duplicate revision with another user posting at the same time. Perhaps there are more users online because it's a bank holiday, all ID-ing the same observations!
I'm glad to see that a duplicates check is already being looked into, it sounds like a really good idea.