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Observed: 3rd April 2013 By: dejayM
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The flowers taste OK, the leaves are awful!
The whole plant is behind this year - 10 days without rain and wind-chill often minus 1.

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scurvy grass

Is C.danica possible?

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Yes Mark, it IS possible. I have always 'understood' that danica has some lobing on the leaf edges and that the flower is less 'warm' (coloured).
They appear difficult to separate at the very start of the growing season
I also have a feeling that here there might be a hybrid. There are three other badly described sp. in Fitter n Fitter - oh dear then!
I am on the case and I will post up today what I hope is C.danica - heading for more trouble then!

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...this has now gathered 3 pretty experienced agreements.
Can ANY of you explain why you are so confident? (I was until yesterday)
I know the leaf structure is pretty well documented as being heart-shaped but I have found leaves on the same plant both slightly lobed and 'hearty'.
Am I looking for oval/round buds? If so, the differences are pretty subtle!

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Stace p. 423 gives

4 Uppermost stem leaves petiolate; flowers small < 5 mm across ... C. danica

4 Uppermost stem leaves sessile, clasping the stem; flowers large > 5 mm across ... C. officinalis agg.

The photographs seem to be more like the later than the former.
You can count the seeds per fruit later in the season; danica <12, officinalis <8.

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That's something to go on - thanks Martin.
I think we all agree that the photos above are C.officinalis but I do wonder about the other post - see 'possible' above.
I shall post up some more anatomy as the plants develop.
Snowed heavily here early today - about 4" settled, warm (7°) and sunny all day thereafter!