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ID help required pls.

Could anyone help me ID these two please...
I'm thinking they are Damselflies because of the way the wings are in rest.

My ID book is not really helping much.

They where both at the same nature reserve but some distance apart.
There was both moving and still water.

Cheers in advance. :-)
Quickly adding that these two where photographed today, 15.5.10



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To get help with species identification it is best to use iSpot's "Add an observation" button (see top-right) - would you be able to add your images again via that route? I'm sure you'll get more responses that way.

These are damselflies, I think the left-hand one is either Banded Demoiselle or Beautiful Demoiselle, the right-hand one is Blue-tailed Damselfly, but for confirmation do try adding them as an observation.

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I agree with Kitenet that one of your images shows a female Demoiselle - it's difficult to be sure about which species from the photo though.
The other one is an immmature male Large Red-eyed Damselfly (not a Blue-tailed Damselfly). Blue-tailed Damselflies have the blue tail spot near the end of the abdomen, but not right at the end like this one does.

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blue tail

Thanks for the correction Roy.

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