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Gnarly appendage

Observed: 31st March 2013 By: dejayM
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An incomplete posting - up for grabs
Some clues -
Very slightly blue of black
Tough and hard - bony
Small part of something bigger, shore-stranded (tide line)
ALL land animals have these - but not always gnarly lookalikes of course..

  • Part (Appendage)
    Confidence: I'm as sure as I can be.
    Likely ID
    Raven (Corvus corax)
    Confidence: I'm as sure as I can be.
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I would have said

part of a bird's foot but since all land animals have them and snakes don't have feet it cannot be that.

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Aha, yes. All land animals

Aha, yes. All land animals have feet, so do birds, of course.
It is true that animals don't have birds' feet. You deduced that snakes do not have them and I will confirm - snakes do not have bird's feet.
So David, it could still be a bird's foot, couldn't it? It is, after all, a gnarly appendage.

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It cannot be a foot (or a bird's foot)

if *all* land animals have them, as there are loads of land animals that do not have feet. If it is to be something that all land animals have (including invertebrates) then you've probably got to be looking at some internal structure (a heart, or a digestive tract perhaps, although I doubt it is either of these).

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bird of prey...

...maybe? Edge of talon visible?

Could still be a perching bird - due to size.

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Gnarly feet

Oh Goodness David, I fear I may have misled you.
Here I am, wondering which land animals don't have feet(I don't 'see' snails and other likes as animals (stupid eh?), nor anything that cannot walk on feet!) - I fear I'm going to feel foolish after your next comment.
You've got it gramandy; you had it David and I'm in for it!
More pics this kind! It's only a raven.

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Another foot

It reminded me of a picture I took of a dead Blackcap and its foot some time ago ( Always interesting to look at bits of animals we usually ignore.

Just from the pictures above I cannot agree with Raven (not that I doubt your ID, just that the evidence is not there to let me click I agree).

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..on all counts

Yes, David, you are right on ALL counts.
This was a very trashed and headless bird but I instinctively knew it was a raven - it WAS a raven but hey I only had the 'prehensile' feet and a few sea-bleached feathers. It seemed quite right to call it an appendage and not to expect agreements.
And we ARE right, bird's feet are quite something. I'm going to get more.
Here's another