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Oyster mushroom

Observed: 31st March 2013 By: anonymous spotter
Oyster mushroom

Found at Sculthorpe Moor. Approximately 3 feet across growing in marshy fen. Unable to get close to fungus as growing on the other bank of a dyke. I presume the fungus is growing on a tree stump, but it is not visible. On close up appears to have stipes underneath the caps.


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It looks more like a

It looks more like a Ganoderma to me. Have you a photo of the underside gills/pores and what was the texture?

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I could not get close to it as it was on the other side of a dyke and I could not get permission to get any closer. I agree that it could be Ganoderma and being able to touch it and see the underside would aid identification.