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London Plane

Observed: 31st March 2013 By: WilHeeneyWilHeeney’s reputation in PlantsWilHeeney’s reputation in PlantsWilHeeney’s reputation in Plants
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Identification based just on pictures of the bark isn't ideal.
If you can find leaf litter or seeds then an accurate ID is much more likely.
Based just on the images I would suggest this was Sycamore. I'd expect London Plane bark to have more colour variation and bald patches. I haven't seen the tree though. You may have seen it in leaf.

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Not London Plane,

in my opinion: the bark of that is very distinctive, and this specimen isn't it!

As Steve says, photos of leaf litter would help, along with close-up of buds. I can see that it's a big tree with the buds out of reach, but often you can find broken bits on the ground below. Even a fairly dead branch would make it possible to decide if the buds were opposite or alternate, which I can't quite see from these photos.

Rachy Ramone

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