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Whimbrel or Curlew (added via Android)

Observed: 30th March 2013 By: hobby69
Photo 1
Photo 2

poor record pics taken through my scope, did note a pale crown stripe but unfortunately it didn't hang about for long

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Not the easiest one to judge. Bill length is difficult because of the angle of the head...the bill may be longer than it looks. The dark crown sides don't seem that clear cut and the eye stripe seems a bit vague, too, for Whimbrel. The second picture is more persuasive than the first, though.

Whimbrel seems likely, but a slight niggling doubt, for me.

It's worth editing and adding the scientific name, too, incidentally. Then, more pics of Whimbrel appear below...useful for comparison.


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...for Curlew, too much curve to the beak and underparts too heavily streaked.


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Tricky one

If you are confident of the pale crown stripe feature, and observed other relevant features in the field (please mention them if you did) then I think Whimbrel it is, although from just the evidence of these two photos I would have gone for Curlew.

David Howdon

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thanks everyone for your

thanks everyone for your thoughts/comments I've withdrew my Whimbrel sighting just not certain enough.

Mark Hobson

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Always good

to see people being willing to withdraw sightings if on reflection they are not happy with them. I'm not sure many people do this.

David Howdon