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Tiny sea slug? or eggs?

Observed: 30th March 2013 By: Mark David Barber
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Tiny sea slug? or eggs?1
Tiny sea slug? or eggs?2

Found under rocks on low tide. Each 'blob' was approx 0.5 cm wide

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...definitely, not sure which mollusc though.

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... interesting!

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I think Robert's ID is close to the mark, Mark. And there are probably two.
I have found that such pictures out of water almost never lead to a successful ID. But Nudibrancs tend to expand into life in only a little water, say with a small piece of weed - then, they are even more difficult to photograph!
Note that Andy here had the same problem.
Take a look at mine (which may ineed be the same species) but the details are seen. picture are taken in very shallow water.
Next time then.