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Observed: 26th March 2013 By: paula ferrispaula ferris’s reputation in Invertebratespaula ferris’s reputation in Invertebrates

Found at bottom of petrie dish after viewing animals found in Corralina, a very active worm with rear segments narrowly attached. Is this a stolon or similar. I occasionally find just what looks like the rear part amongst samples for microscope

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Examples please

Could it not also be a Hesionidae, eg

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don't think so

The top piece has the anal cirri so it's just a couple of rear fragments. The biramous parapodia, the arrangement of the parapodial lobes and the acicula all look very typically nereid to me. Sorry I'm not being more precise. Detached rear ends aren't photographed that often so it's hard to find some examples for you. Here's images via ecol -

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I feel we have to 'listen' to Leslie here. Hitherto we have (we few) been happy to do the very best we can; sometimes it's not good enough.
Looking, subjectively, at the two links you two have given, then Chris is visually nearer the mark. But, as I say, it is not good enough to be subjective. Chris may not have had the benefit of individual 'attention' from Leslie - I have and it's beginning to pay off - though it has made me incredibly (perhaps over-) cautious!.
That she is Certain is good enough for me, though perhaps it shouldn't be. Anyway, the evidence is thin in the pictures and absent from the text, so how can we be certain of anything except Leslie's obvious experience in these, particular, matters.
I cannot add an agreement of course, which is why I hadn't all along, though I regret not leaving a comment.
Chris's other link is here