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Goose barnacle?

Observed: 5th March 2006 By: scaredemkrew1
goose barnacle?
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There's now an even more

There's now an even more obvious Lepas anatifera at (just retrieved from 'other observation') but mis-Id'd as Lepas, & so in need of agreements
The reasons given at for the negative id 'lepas' contradict the descriptions in both H.& R's handbook of marine fauna (pp 305&7) & species-identification .org,
1st he couldn't see fine striations; but H&R says "usually smooth" & 'species-id' says "smooth or finely striated"
2nd they might be L. hilli (a rare find being a tropical or semitropical species) see
H&R says "distingushed [from anatifera] by a pale collar between stalk & capitulum[ie head]"
Species-id says "a pale or orange belt below the capitulum",& of the peduncle (=stalk) says "as long as or shorter than capitulum [=head]"
Wildpad's barnacles clearly lack the orange belt/collar & clearly have stalks longer than the heads shows the orange collars