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My First Garganey

Observed: 29th March 2013 By: km1km1’s reputation in Birdskm1’s reputation in Birdskm1’s reputation in Birdskm1’s reputation in Birds
My First Garganey
Garganey 4
Garganey 5

White stripe over the eye.

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I used to do regular trips to Crete, where at this time of year flocks of these would rest in the bays on the south coast in the evening...hundreds at a time. Fantastic little ducks and always a thrill to see and to listen to the males' odd little croaky call.

You've got a female there, too, haven't you?


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I think it is a female too - there were several pairs around.
Didn't hear any calls though, I will listen out for that if I see them again.
Always nice to see something new and unexpected. I saw my first stoat today too but I wasn't quick enough to get a photo!