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First time I've tried to use my (new) macro lens for insects. There may not be enough in focus for identification purposes but any help would be appreciated. The third photo is probably not the same specimen but I think it's the same species! I have some other photos from different angles but they are very poor. If any particular feature would help I'll have a look to see if it can be seen on them.

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Yellow Dung

A very common species year round, but very noticeable early in the year on Sallows, especially. The combination of long fine hairs on the head, low down behind the eye, and the black antennae can only be this. Males are often obviously large and yellowy-furry, but females can be darker, smaller and less obvious.

Great photos...what is the lens?

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Thanks Ophrys.

I should have got this one but was confused because it wasn't as bright yellow as the ones I've managed to id in the past and of course it wasn't on a pile of dung :)

The lens is a Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM. I'm not totally convinced yet that it's as sharp as its supposed to be but I have only used it hand held (and occasionally on a monopod) so far and am not finding it easy. Hopefully I will get better and intend to invest in a decent tripod and head in the near future.