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Keel Worm

Observed: 27th March 2013 By: gramandy
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Keel Worm

Annual emptying of Thanet's largest tidal pool (at low tide end would be 5m) Found in eulittoral, submerged probably some of the time here, when the sluice gates are shut.

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Graham - I suspect you meant to write NOTE the two ridges.
This would indicate that it is P.lamarcki (renamed Spirobranchus lamarcki WoRMS).
Spirobranchus triqueter is descibed in Hayward & Ryland quite specifically as having ONE median ridge.
So, I guess you might need to change the ID - I'll agree then.

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no I did...

...actually mean it hasn't got 2 ridges - poorly written - I guess, Derek, it would have been better to put note: single ridge.

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OK I agree with this one Graham; it's strongly triangular suggesting Spirobranchus triqueter
Interestingly there is utter confusion in a few of the books I have. I am really trying to make a definitive post of triqueter but cannot find lararcki to compare!
good wishes then..
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