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Brittle Star

Observed: 27th March 2013 By: gramandy
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Brittle Star

Annual emptying of Thanet's largest tidal pool (at low tide end would be 5m) Found in eulittoral, submerged probably some of the time here, when the sluice gates are shut.

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Looks very interesting

Looks very interesting
I'm a bit hesitant as it doesnt go well with Marlin's description of spindly arms & grey/bluish-white in colour, but cant think what else it might be.

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Hi Chris...

...I struggled for a while with this, not only colour but also the arm spines are more like Ophiothrix but the plates above the arms don't fit for O. The size as well - was really small. Came to a decision of A.squamata. My previous posting of A.s was a lot easier. I might send this off to the MBA for ID and try posting on Glaucus as well.

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The arms look a little too decorated for A.squamata.
Now check 'ours'