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What's this!?

Observed: 14th May 2010 By: Claire YoungClaire Young’s reputation in PlantsClaire Young’s reputation in Plants

Can anybody tell me what this flower is or is likely to be. Can't find it in my flower ID book.

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Thanks! I will try and find

Thanks! I will try and find it the plant again and get a picture face-on.

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Does any Aquilegia cultivar

Does any Aquilegia cultivar lack a long spur on each petal? I wondered about a Geum similar to rivale.

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it doesn't look right for this. Geum is a possibility, but the stem appears hairless, whereas G rivale is shown as hairy. Another early thought was snakes-head, but the leaves are completely wrong and the flower head is only vaguely similar.

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Some Aquilegias don't have spurs

I had some dark aquilegias in the garden that looked broadly similar to this, though I don't think the petals made such a deep bell.

What height was the plant and what were the lower leaves like?

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In geums, the petals barely

In geums, the petals barely extend beyond the cayx. Very many aquilegia are spurless.

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I'm pretty sure its an

I'm pretty sure its an aquilegia after seeing some in a garden earlier with almost identical leaves and flower shape. Couldn't find the orginal, think it's been mowed :(