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Observed: 12th March 2013 By: Mbirkett
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Could you indentify these

Could you indentify these footprints in the snow which were in my garden.


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No idea -

But for others who might know more, a better idea of the size would be helpful, I think.

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The footprints are of a

The footprints are of a songbird. The other marks are wing-prints of the same or another bird.

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Bird print

Mydaea is right, the marks are the wings brushing the snow as the bird takes off. There are other, similar photos on the bird section of iSpot. For accuracy sake, it would be good if you moved these to the bird section, you'd then get confirmation from there.

There are too many 'claw' marks for them to mammal; also they are isolated with no marks coming in or going away from them.

Graham Banwell

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