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Squat Lobster G.intermedia

Observed: 27th March 2013 By: gramandy
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Squat Lobster G.intermedia

Annual emptying of Thanet's largest tidal pool (at low tide end would be 5m) Found in sublittoral, submerged probably all of the time here, when the sluice gates are shut. Much smaller cousin of previous posting, so far back in an overhang, hasn't really made for the clearest pics. I thought too small and delicate to try and move. We had 3 types of squat lobster here today. Possibly eating off the orange sponge.

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Small Galathea

Hi Graham,
Less than 100mm? Hayward & Ryland show G.intermedia with chelipeds about same length as carapace. What about G. dispersa? It has a rostrum with setae, chelipeds about twice as long as carapace, red to yellow in colour and may be white spotted. Granted that G. dispersa adults are larger (carapace upto 25mm) than G. intermedia adults, ( carapace upto 8.5mm) but youngsters are always smaller.


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....on distribution, dispersa not recorded much in English Channel. No hairs on rostrum and didn't have the required 4 points. G.dispersa chelipeds as long as body not x2? (Seashores & Shallow Seas of Britain & Europe).