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Squat Lobster

Observed: 27th March 2013 By: gramandy
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Squat Lobster G.strigosa

Annual emptying of Thanet's largest tidal pool (at low tide end would be 5m) Found in sublittoral, submerged probably all of the time here, when the sluice gates are shut. Several mates in his hidey hole. New to me. Dropped a G.squamifera much smaller and in the calf high water it swam off at a rate of knots before I could get hold of him again for a pic. Excuse the sieve, nearest thing to a fishing net I could find.

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ID comment

Hi Graham, it might be my eyes but I cannot see any blue lines on a red background. I know very little about these critters but could this be a Common Squat Lobster ?

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It does look like the drab G.

It does look like the drab G. squamifera.


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Hi Graham, how long was the carapace ?

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Hi Graham, I see your point

Hi Graham,

I see your point now about the size. Think I might have been misIDing. Whereas MarLIN say squamifera only grows to 65mm overall length, wikipedia says strigosa only grows to 90mm overall length. MarLIN dont appear to have a page for strigosa?

I know the very long clawed squat like yours above- they are longer than 90mm without any doubt. I also see the rostrum, just about, on yours and it does appear to be more like that of strigosa- I have found this long clawed drab squat before in the same rockpool as vividly coloured red/blue strigosa and thought they were 2 species but maybe not. Is the above one the female strigosa? It hasnt got the typical bright colours?


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If you two can't decide, then there's no hope for me tomorrow!
I think it's a squamifera but with long arms.
Check for mine in the morning - first I've ever seen other than pink ones on a platter!