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Two Prials

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J01_2216 Two Prials

Not so much a Full House but more like two Prials - a Prial of female Siskins and a Prial of male Siskins. I suppose it could be a Prial of Pairs, though. Oh, whatever. Misspent youth. ;-)

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Never come across this word

Never come across this word before (I misspent my youth in other ways), prial = three cards of the same denomination, contraction of 'pair Royal' according to the Oxford Dictionary

University of Edinburgh and Biodiversity Observatory (OU)

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Quite right

Yes, Jonathan, it's an interesting word that I only know because of childhood Christmases spent playing ha'penny brag with my parents and grandparents. Somewhat oddly, a prial of 3's is the top hand in three card brag (prial of prials, I suppose).

I only discovered the "pair royal" contraction myself yesterday when I thought I should look it up to check the spelling.

How wonderfully educational wildlife spotting is. :))