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International Section?

Hi, we are in Colorado and have been looking for a tools such as this to record and share observations.

Would you mind adding an international section to this site so that we can contribute at a more local level.

Great site!

Tony Gannaway



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International in what sense? Seen outside the UK or something known not to be native to the UK?
In either case you would ideally need the same divsions of plants, birds, mammals etc. within the section. This would lead to confusion as people already do not post things where they should - observations get posted here in the forum for instance. As for non-natives, people would have to know what they had before they posted it as an observation.

Simpler (to use, perhaps not to add), might be a search function.

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The subject of international

The subject of international version or versions of iSpot has been discussed since the very origin of iSpot. The problem is finding suitable funding, we have investigated a variety of sources and there are still ongoing discussions. It is not a small task to make a good international site or sites.

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Hi, Tony. We are inching

Hi, Tony.

We are inching nearer the possibility of international versions of iSpot, but as Mike says in his comment, this is not simple or cost-free. Our plan is to create sister iSpots by partnering with other not-for-profit organizations. If you have any ideas about how this might be done in your state/region, feel free to contact us via the contact link at the bottom of any page.

University of Edinburgh and Biodiversity Observatory (OU)

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I see that Open University had no problems about accepting my registration for the Neighbourhood Nature course, S159.

I have just come off the phone after speaking with one of the assistants in "support" who assures me that I will have no problems taking part in the course and ispot web site.

My home (full time) is in Venice, Italy...and having looked around the site, it looks to me as if I will have plenty of problems if there is no way to usefully include international...or in my case...mainland Europe...observations.

Any comments or should I be asking for a refund?

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as i just replied in that

as i just replied in that other forum there is no problem about any part of the world, i have added observations from venice myself.

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Fingers crossed then! I certainly have been getting excited at the thought of being able to do some exploration in the area so I will trundle on and see what comes of this adventure. Thanks for the encouragement.

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You can in fact use iSpot

You can in fact use iSpot from anywhere and the community is amazing knowledgeable. An Indian insect was identified a couple of days ago.

University of Edinburgh and Biodiversity Observatory (OU)

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Foreign parts

Many thanks. I look forward to making some kind of contribution to those whose curiosity extends beyond the English Channel! :)

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Definitely would like to see

Definitely would like to see some Italian reptiles and amphibians, we don't have that many in the UK....

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Difficult couldn't have chosen something more difficult to observe!! I shall have to find my high hiking boots and a good zoom lens!