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Beetle grub

Observed: 26th March 2013 By: KittieKatKittieKat’s reputation in InvertebratesKittieKat’s reputation in Invertebrates

found in a dead silver birch branch, a lot of the trees are dying in this park, could it be because of these grubs or are they moving in after the trees have died?


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Moth caterpillar in rotten birch wood

This is an interesting observation and I only wish I could produce a name. However, I can say that it is without doubt the caterpillar of a moth, POSSIBLY a pyralid or a swift moth. I can also say without doubt that its presence has nothing to do with the birch-trees problems. It will either be feeding on something else (fungus, invading roots) or taken refuge for the winter or in preparation for pupation. It would be great if you could breed one through! Pop one or two, with some rotten birch wood, in e.g. an empty 600 ml yoghurt/cream pot, put a piece of netting e.g. old tights held on with string or wire, put somewhere sheltered but cold, keep the contents just a little moist. Good luck!
PS In case caterpillar savants try to work it out from the picture, an idea of size might help.

Richard Dickson

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thanks for that Richard, ill

thanks for that Richard, ill have to investigate the tree problem further.

Ive the little caterpillar all set up safe and sound, will post pictures when it grows :D