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Further request for help with an ivertebrate ident

While on holiday in North Somerset a visit was made to Uphill beach. It was at a time of heavy rain and the river that flows out between Uphill and Brean Down was in full flow. The beach was covered with brown clay structures which had been washed down from the freshwater river. They had the appearance of mini chocolate eggs with soft shells, about 10mm long. The shape of the egg was similar to that of say a guillemots egg and probably in normal times would have rolled backwards and forwards along the river bed but not be washed away. Inside one that I open was a white Gnat shaped pupa with long legs.I have never seen anything like it before or since.
This creature has been bugging me for some years now and any clues as to its ident would be appreciated.The sketch was drawn in lieu of a photograph as I did not have a camera with me at the time. Hopefully there is an expert in freshwater invertebrates who could give me at a clue where to start looking.



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I'd like to give an opinion but cannot. I just thought, though, that you deserve to know that others DO see your post.
It is such a good description and sketch that, surely, it IS IDable.
It is likely that the residing creature made a soft protecting pupal case and that a sediment-precess did the rest
Have you considered they may be some sort of washed-down gall? (trying to give a has worked in your original post)
And it is the right size for some water beetles, even a WaterBoatman..
Here's another from the Webthing - (Florida!)

I really wish I could help more.

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Thanks dejayM

Thanks for your kind comments,it will be IDed eventually. We live in hope