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Snail 9

Observed: 4th January 2013 By: alexjadebalexjadeb’s reputation in Invertebratesalexjadeb’s reputation in Invertebrates

height 10mm
width 9mm

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Ok just noticed this in the

Ok just noticed this in the text on the species by MarLIN-"Littorina compressa and Littorina arcana are very similar in appearance to Littorina saxatilis."

They do mention a dark throat for saxitalis but it might be one of the others mentioned.


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give away feature

outer lip of the opening meets the spire at right angles as in this case. I guess pretty rough to touch as well?

L.littorea outer lip parallel to spire.

L.arcana is greater than 90 and smaller spire, but is difficult to distinguish from saxatilis. I can see enough of a difference here. They also tend to be bigger (obviously smaller to start with).

L.compressa also has the wrong spire to outer lip angle, colouration and wrong location.

If unhappy could give the call of Littorina sp (I'm as sure...).