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Which burdock??

Observed: 27th July 2012 By: wildaboutnaturewildaboutnature’s reputation in Plantswildaboutnature’s reputation in Plantswildaboutnature’s reputation in Plantswildaboutnature’s reputation in Plants
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Not too sure about this one as again, its an old observation and I have no descriptive details to add. Am making a stab at 'lesser' as leaves appear longer than wide and flower stalks relatively short but not betting my life on it! Will check basal leaf stalks next time!

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ID comment

Not a hard and fast rule but one I find helps is that if the flowers extend well beyond the hooked bracts then it's probably Lesser Burdock.

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Thanks Chris. Am making a few

Thanks Chris. Am making a few more trips to Flatford Mill from Wales this year so will check this one out again.

Clare Flynn

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...cut the stem (bit brutal) - lesser burdock is hollow.

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Can you just cut basal leaf

Can you just cut basal leaf stalks (rather than plant stem) to see if they are hollow in lesser as compared to solid in greater?

Clare Flynn

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not sure...

....worth a try.


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It's a diagnostic feature: the basal leaf stalk of Lesser is hollow, whereas for greater, it is solid.

Easy to remember: Lesser Burdock, less material in it!

And much less destructive to the plant.

Rachy Ramone

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Thanks both. Will remember

Thanks both. Will remember that Rachy!

Clare Flynn