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Can't work it out

Observed: 25th March 2013 By: AmadanAmadan’s reputation in BirdsAmadan’s reputation in BirdsAmadan’s reputation in BirdsAmadan’s reputation in Birds

Like the female, this male can't work out how to enter the cage - or perhaps won't take the risk.
Taken through a window, some sharpening applied.

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I've found with...

..these squirrel proof cages that the birds appear to be reluctant to enter. I have only seen the Robin go in ours (a hanging one).

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Caged feeder

It only seems to be the chaffinches at the moment - others, including the collared doves seem OK with it.
The alternative is to allow the wood pigeons (which now seem to have adopted the garden habitat as the preferred one) to reach it, which means nothing else gets a look in. They even squat on the uneaten stuff to deny access to others, until they are hungry again.
I do scatter some outside the feeder, but the chaffinches don't get much, thanks to the woodies.

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He's worked it out!

He now hops in and out quite happily, but prefers to take each beak-full out of the cage to eat, then goes back in for more.