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One of the few spring harvestmen. Found at the bottom of moth-trap.

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Synonym !

Rilaena triangularis is a (junior?) synonym of Platybunus triangularis. The latter is in current use by GB workers. Are we wrong to use it?


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Valid name

We must use Rilaena triangularis which is the valid name. Platybunus triangularis is a synonym since some years.


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Thank you

Emmanuel, thank you for your reply. This is very interesting. Rilaena triangularis is the name I used in the 1990s. Recently the name Platybunus t. has been used instead. This I have 'followed', but I do not know the reasons why. I will ask why!

Bien cordialement, Steve.

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iSpot species names

iSpot species names are taken from the UK Species Inventory as maintained by the Natural History Museum. They do still have Platybunus triangularis as the current recommended name in the UK:

So within the iSpot context, our links will work best if we stick with the UKSI recommended name, Platybunus triangularis.

If the name needs changing then that will need to be agreed with UKSI and will be updated in future.

There's always a debate to be had between being up-to-date and 'correct', versus being consistent with a published checklist, and iSpot's view is that consistency should take precedence, but we realise that others will have different views!

Entomologist and biological recorder

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World Biological Records

Interesting debate, and a problem if records entered online in the UK are to match up with records entered online elsewhere.

I foresee a time when there will be one searchable world database of biological records compiled from the pooled digital records of individual countries. For that to happen we do need some agreed international nomenclature.

Jamie from Briantspuddle