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Observed: 20th March 2013 By: sy6owl
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Unknown tree

A close up of one of several similar trees showing the bark colour and their distinctive horizontal lenticels. The tree is in a wood with large trees around it providing a rather dense canopy in summer. Its girth is not large and it appears to be a young tree. There are no low branches for twigs to be examined as the tree is growing tall to seek out light. Leaves on the woodland floor seem to be a mix but mainly beech ( not surprising given the abundance of beech trees in the wood). Doesn't look like any beech tree bark that I've seen in guides. I would appreciate help in identifying this tree.

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Lumps and lines on beech trees

I hope this is alright to mention here - but I found some odd lumps in lines on beeches a while back and put the observation here

What you find out about your lines might help me understand my lumps!

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Leaf, litter, please!

If you can't get a photo of the buds - which I appreciate is tricky - do you have a photo of the leaf litter?

You say it's mostly beech, and I agree that this does not look particularly like beech, so it might be helpful to see what other leaves you have around the base of these trunks.

Also, even though the branches are out of reach, can you see if the buds are opposite (in pairs) or alternate, along the twigs? That could be very helpful.

I am not strong on ID from bark, but I would say that it does not look like cherry. But I'm not prepared to venture an ID opinion, yet!

Rachy Ramone

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