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Brains and Jelly

Observed: 24th March 2013 By: dejayM
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Jelly ears

I have often considered that the name Yellow Brian unsuitable (Preferring Yellow Witch's Butter). The first picture changes my mind. The second looks nothing like a brain but is the usual view.
On infected Gorse.
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I set out to investigate the

I set out to investigate the underlying infection, in this case that of Peniophora incarnata (Rosy Crust)
I cut through the old gorse stem expecting to see some evidence of structure breakdown. I was not disappointed.
It is pretty evident from the pictures, that Rosy Crust is present but I still think that it may not always be so obvious.
On the issue of names - Yellow Brain (Witchs' Butter in the Americas), golden jelly fungus, the yellow trembler are all acceptable colloquially but, for postings here, Yellow Brain is preferred.