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Juvenile Echinoderm

Observed: 24th March 2013 By: Robert DurrantRobert Durrant’s reputation in Invertebrates
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I noticed this creature on the glass of my marine aquarium this morning. There was another on a rock. It is 1mm across (hence image quality!). I have in this aquarium Cushion Stars (Asterina gibbosa), Brittle Stars (prob Ophiothrix fragilis), and Shore Sea Urchin (Psammechinus miliaris). This is highly likely to be a home-grown juvenile of one of these. But which?

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Congratulations ..

.. on the latest addition to your marine family.
I agree with Gramandy- i'll wait a bit before agreeing on a cushion star.


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cushion star

Hi all,

Pretty happy that this is what it is - development shown here


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Many thanks, Dave, for that useful reference.
I agree, that does look very likely.