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Speckled bush cricket

Observed: 11th September 2012 By: bob clayden
speckled bush cricket what predated it??

this cricket has a lump in its back that seemed to have "eyes" in it

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Incidentally, you could have added this image to the previous posting by pressing "edit". Up to you entirely though but you might want to consider deleting this entry and adding the image to the previous post.

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predated cricket

I put up a new image to try and make clear that i am trying to find out about the lump on its back. When i looked at it ti was obvious that it was something growing in the cricket the "eyes" were moving around and the cricket was not acting normaly, not moving mich and not hopping at all even when having a camera stuck in its face.Is there anyone out there studying this subject who can shed some light on this?

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OK Bob all understood, I'm afraid it's beyond my knowledge apart from what I have said already. Not seen anything like what you are describing before.

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Tachinid fly

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Unlikely, as none of the UK Tachinid fauna are known to parasitise crickets.

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