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Amphibian under a stone

Observed: 23rd March 2013 By: grant burleighgrant burleigh’s reputation in Amphibians and Reptilesgrant burleigh’s reputation in Amphibians and Reptiles

In course of looking for invertebrates under a stone today, I saw what I am presuming to be a newt. If these images are adequate, I should be grateful for some idea as to species.

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A possible white tail flash

A hint of white tail flash may suggest a male great crested newt. What is the belly pattern (spotted or bold black and orange stripes) and throat pattern (with or without spots)?

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I did wonder about the spots but I'm afraid that's all the detail I managed to muster. I was trying to follow up on Spotted Snake Millipedes! "Blaniulids (cont.)". If another newt turns up I shall try and do better.
I was hedging here against the possiblity that there are salamanders in UK ...(?).

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It 100% isn't a great crested

It 100% isn't a great crested newt because it doesn't have warty skin and isn't dark browny black.

The lines of spots along the tail is the big give away of male palmate, as well as having a square shaped back. Smooth newts have neither of these features.

You can't see the actual throat from any of the pictures, always take pictures of newts throats if possible. Palmate = pink and unspotted. Smooth = off white and normally spotted.