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Snail gathering

Observed: 20th March 2013 By: dejayM
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ID grid

54 mini-snails sheltering under one stone of dozens in a low wall.
Most of the 4mm snails are Lauria cylindracea (Common Chrysalis snail) but not all are. I've covered them over again and will look again when the weather is kinder.
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They all look like Lauria

They all look like Lauria (Lauria) cylindracea, with lots of babies. A viable population!

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True nursery

I don't think you are quite right Steve but I really appreciate your comment and interest
I've added my ID- and Count-grid picture (just for you!)
Note, for instance a 'cellarius' type in B4.
I dare not disturb them more yet, but I have a feeling that these nurseries will reveal other whorled types. I am hoping to confirm Desmoulin's and maybe Punctum pygmaeum
You are right though, it is a lovely nursery, a true escargatoire..

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:-) I had spotted the baby zonitid below dead leaf - also a beetle larvae above same - but ashamed to see I ignored both. I think the remainder are probably various stages of Lauria though?