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Unknown Desicated Flower

Observed: 14th March 2013 By: prideal

Picture shows a desicated flower found under tree. Ground was covered with these. The flower seems to have cotton like 'fluff' coming from it. The bark of the tree had a cork like appearance but with jagged edges.


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Do you by any chance ...

... have a photograph of the bark?

Since it was under a tree it presumably wasn't cotton, and as cotton is a thirsty crop I doubt that it would be being grown in that area. So my next thought would be one of the kapok-producing trees in Bombacoideae (e.g. Bombax or Ceiba).

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Desicated Flower

Unfortunately have no picture of the bark other than description reporting that going around the bark it was a 'zig zag'!! Like teeth!

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large flowers, kapok and thorny stems ...

... are traits that turn up in bombacoids, but I can't identify to species, or even confirm that it is a bombacoid, from a photograph of a dessicated flower.

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many thanks for your efforts