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list of natural history organisations

Below is the promised list of natural history groups, clubs, etc. for the West Midlands. Some are very specialist, and others very general, so you should be able to find something you're interested in.
I'm sure I've missed some, so please do add any extras - it would be good to have this as complete as possible.
Hope someone finds this useful...

West Midlands (Birmingham and general)
Birmingham and Black Country Wildlife Trust
Birmingham and Black Country Bat Group
Birmingham and Black Country Mammal Group
Birmingham Field Naturalists’ Club
Birmingham Natural History Society
Black Country and Staffordshire Naturalists (formerly Black Country Biodiversity Group)
West Midlands Butterfly Conservation
West Midland Bird Club

Herefordshire Amphibian and Reptile Team
Herefordshire Bat group
Herefordshire Nature Trust
Herefordshire Action for Mammals
Herefordshire Badger Group
Herefordshire Ornithological Club
Herefordshire Barn Owl Group
Herefordshire Fungus Survey Group
Woolhope Field Naturalists’ Club

Natural Shropshire
Shropshire Mammal Group, Email:
Shropshire Badger Group
Shropshire Bat Group
Shropshire Amphibian and Reptile Group
Shropshire ornithological Society
Shropshire Botanical Society
Border Bryologists (mosses and liverworts)
Shropshire Fungus Group
Shropshire Invertebrates Group
Shropshire Spider Group Email:
Shropshire Butterfly Group Email:
Shropshire Dragonfly Group

Staffordshire Wildlife Trust
South Staffordshire naturalists’ Society
Bird Watchers in Staffordshire
Smestow Valley Bird Group
Staffordshire Invertebrate Group
Staffordshire Mammal Group
Staffordshire Moths Group
West Midland Bird Club: Staffordshire

Coventry and District Natural History and Scientific Society
Warwick Natural History Society
Warwickshire Amphibian and Reptile Team
Warwickshire badger Group
Warwickshire Bat Group
Warwickshire Dragonfly Group
Warwickshire Flora Group
Warwickshire Fungus Survey
Warwickshire Mammal Group
Warwickshire Wildlife Trust

Bird Watchers in Worcestershire
Malvern Naturalists’ Field Club Telephone: 01684 575183
West Midland Bird Club: Worcestershire
Worcestershire Biological Records Centre
Worcestershire Dragonflies
Worcestershire Wildlife Trust
Worcestershire Naturalists’ Club



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Hi Joe,Please add the Black

Hi Joe,

Please add the Black Country and Staffordshire Naturalists (formerly Black Country Biodiversity Group) to the list

[Edit] Also Staffordshire Invertebrate Group is missing

Many Thanks, John Griffiths

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P.S. Thanks for the list

P.S. Thanks for the list. It is about time someone started to compile a list of all the different groups. There are probably other lists out there but this is the first one I have come across.

I don't know if you want to add local groups as well? If you do then there is Smestow Valley Bird Group as well

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Thanks for the additions

Many thanks for those - they're all added in. I have no problem with small, local groups being included - they're often the hardest to find, after all. I suspect it's only really among the birder population that these will exist, as there just isn't the volume of, say, millipedologists to support them...

Anyway, it's great to know that you've noticed the list, and hopefully someone will find it useful. I've come across a view lists hosted by local groups, but they tend to be affiliated groups only, or cover quite a small area. As you say, it seems an obvious thing to do...
Thanks again,

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Broken hyperlink

Thanks Joe,

Could you just fix the link for the Black Country and Staffordshire Naturalists please as it isn't showing up as a hyperlink. I think it just needs a space between the ")" and the "h"

Many thanks, John.

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Well spotted John; 'tis sorted now.