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Observed: 1st March 2013 By: hrdubwd

A colleague found this on a beach walk: Strange bone with two closed loops and interlinked pendant spikes with close loops also.
There is a similar image here:
- but only one loop.

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Sorry, I don't buy that. See p 51, Fig. 99 of Anatomy of Sea Turtles,

Please explain how the structure shown could work in that context. Note the size.

Anyway, the location makes it a rather unlikely id for what would have to be a very small animal.


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Agreed. Any resemblance is

Agreed. Any resemblance is superficial at best, and the details just do not fit.

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Take a look at the link from the German site.
Can what you found be at or near 12/13?
There's talk in the text of Dorsal fin.
No idea what the fish is! Could be prehistoric!
The scale suggests a big un though

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Sorry, the URL is incomplete "..."

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Here it is again but I notice that iSpot system has shortened it again so I have tried enclosing it with quotes

But it's collected from the link (Forum Thread) given by you (Brian) in the original posting. In THAT forum is a link to a fish picture and my suggestion that, possibly (only possibly) the Pelvic Fin area might (only might!) prove fruitful in the quest.
Keep going....

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Thanks for the reply - yes, I had seen that already, but still not convinced. They are very definite spikes, and while spines are possible this is bone (which spines are not, in general?), and looks like weaponry. Does not make sense. Why the loops? That is the most intriguing aspect ... wheels next!

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What convinces you that this

What convinces you that this is bone or other animal product, rather than some sea-eroded man-made object? I can't think of any animal structure that forms closed links like this.

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I'm convinced

Oh I do think you need to look at the anatomy.
There are some really impressive articulating joints - almost hip- or elbow-style.
These structure are designed (evolved) to partially rotate.
I think you'll find, IF a solution comes from the most likely source - an experienced anthropological anatomy specialst, say from the NHMuseum, that this is going to be a surprising outcome. I hope so.
I no longer see it as a fishy story though.
Think Plesiosaur - ha!!

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The description here and in

The description here and in the German site refers not to hip- or elbow-style joints but to looped links. You can see them in the close-up.

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What convinces ...

"What convinces you that this is bone or other animal product, rather than some sea-eroded man-made object?"

That was my first thought, but it has all the attributes of a bone - the detailed cancellous structure (not visible here) is convincing. Next step is sections, but it is a unique specimen at the moment, so we are reluctant to be destructive.

I'll get a radiograph.

"I can't think of any animal structure that forms closed links like this."

Quite. Nor can anyone, so far ... That is what makes it so weird. I was as sceptical, and remain open.