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Bug in garden

Observed: 22nd March 2013 By: ReanaLouise

Cany anyone tell me what this bug is? It's about 3-4mm long.
I've noticed an increase in bugs in my veggie garden (in Brisbane, Australia) this week, especially lady beetles (I've had the transverse lady beetle (Coccinella transversalis) since August 2012). We've had a bit of rain recently.
Thank you in advance!

    Likely ID
    Coccinella transveralis pupa
    Confidence: It's likely to be this, but I can't be certain.
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Other Observations

hi Dennis,

iSpot uses the latin name as a code, so that observations of the same species line up on a carousel and can be compared in Other Observations. So a mis-spell or syntax variation or addition of other words disrupts that - I notice you've put pupa in one and larvae in the other, so these two obs can't now line up. You can correct this by revising the ids and adding just the latin for species in the box for scientific name, then you'll see them line up. Add that its a larva or pupa or instar etc in the notes or in the box for Common name, you can put what you like there


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