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Brown Mammal

Observed: 21st March 2013 By: Eskling2Eskling2’s reputation in MammalsEskling2’s reputation in Mammals

OK it's a Rat.
Brazenly sitting on the verge of the Towpath, a few feet from passers by (most of whom didn't notice it).

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Strange looking rat

This animal's nose looks too blunt for a brown rat and the ears look too round, but the tail suggests rat and I don't know what else it could be!
Is there anywhere nearby that could have an 'exotic' rat species that could have escaped? A captive escapee would explain why the animal was not afraid of people too.

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Sure it's the home of them! When I lived in Belfast and walked along the Towpath I often met with the Rats, who not surprisingly were more commonly seen around the areas most popular with the Duck and Swan feeders.
What I feel explains its blasé demeanour towards Grianoger is its level of exposure to Humans and more importantly non aggressive ones at that.Assessing risk is all part of life for pretty much all forms of life.

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Almost cute

It is not a typical 'horrible' rat. I can see why some people thought there were voles on the Lagan (but unfortunately not true).